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Marketing yourself and your business in the modern world

Do you have to ‘hustle’ to succeed?

If you find it difficult to market yourself and not just your business, you’re not alone. A lot of people would like to be able to run their business incognito. They’d rather hide in the wardrobe than be the face of their business. They’ll come out into the open when they’re a screaming success. They’ll get their personal branding photos taken when they’re 5 kilos lighter.

I know what it’s like. Putting that first post on social media is terrifying. Right?

  • What if someone laughs?
  • What if someone disagrees with your expert opinion and makes you look like a total noob/boob?
  • What if you accidentally upset someone?
  • What if people think that your business idea is dumb or irrelevant?

The what ifs get us every time.

And, even when we manage to hit the post button, we wish we could claw the post back from the ethernet. We sit and worry that no one will like it. That no one will comment. That no one will give a hoot. That we’ll ask what we think is an engaging question and people WON’T BE engaged enough to respond.


We check regularly to see how many likes we’ve received. We worry about how many followers we’ve got. We buy into the idea that if we reach some imaginary threshold of our own making, we’re validated as human beings.

We look around us.

She’s got 15,386 followers on Facebook and we’re starting out with five. We’ll never be able to compete.

He’s crushing it on TikTok with outrageously entertaining videos that have people LOLing all over the place.

Everyone is commenting on our competitor’s posts and when we post virtual tumbleweeds.

Yet the world is screaming at us, You need to capital H Hustle babe, just Hustle and it all come together. Will it, Tina? Will it really? I don’t think so.

You need to show up!, the whole world insists. You need to be the face of the business!

But what if you’ve got a face that you’re not proud of. A body that you’re not in love with? A whole lot of grey hair and wrinkles that you’re not best friends with?

Does it matter?

What if witty and funny just isn’t your thing?

Do you have to be?

Can you be all things to all people?

Can you be who you’re not?

I’m not going to lie. People today, want to do business with other people. They want to know a bit about you. They want to know that you’re genuine. That you’re the real deal. That you’re not going to cut and run with their money.

But if you do you and do it well, they will come.

When they do, you can dazzle them with your outstanding customer service and your brilliant products, and that is what they will remember at the end of the day.

Just remember, if you need help putting together words that properly represent who you are and what your brand stands for, you know who to call.

Corinne Amendolia (Insightful Creative Copywriter)

Photo to come when I’m five kilos lighter