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Course Content Writing Services

Have you got an ingenious idea for a course?

Not sure how to write it?

Not sure where to start?

Maybe you’ve never designed a course?

There’s an art to designing a course. It takes meticulous planning and thought. Anyone who’s tried it knows that writing a compelling course isn’t easy.

With more than 15 years-experience writing course materials I can save you many agonising hours spent trying to figure it all out.

I’ve written courses for the hospitality, retail, business and community services sectors. I’ve also written educational resources for high school students and professional development courses for teachers. My vast experience, sound knowledge of educational principles and excellent research skills means that I can write course content on just about any subject.

Most people that sign up for a course will start it but it’s all the ones that don’t finish it that can kill your credibility and completion rates.

So how do you get them from the beginning to the end?

You need to figure out what information to put in what order, what activities or exercises to use at what point, and most of all, exactly what it is you want your trainees/course participants to take away from the course.

I can write the course for you and design interesting activities to engage your audience and make knowledge and concepts stick.

Don’t let your ideas gather dust for another minute.