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Proofreading and Editing Services

Time for the Red Pen!

Mistakes can be highly embarrassing and costly to your business.

It only takes a misplaced letter, an incorrectly spelt word or a missing apostrophe to kill your credibility, alter your message and distract from what is otherwise a brilliant piece of writing.

Getting anything that is going to be published and presented to people edited and proofread is crucial. It’s not a corner you can cut or an area where you should decide to tighten the budget.

I started life as a high school English teacher. Yes, I’m that person that used to write all over your homework and assignments in red pen – please don’t hold it against me!

I’ve proofread and edited some work for some top-notch copywriters, educators, students and clients.

If you are unsure whether to get your work edited or proofread first, let me shed some light. Editing services and proofreading services are not the same things – although a good editor will do some proofreading as part of their scope of work.

Editing Services

The first step if you’ve written something is to have it edited.

Editing improves the quality of your writing. The ideas and basis of the work is all yours, I’m just going to take what you have written to the next level. It might be suggesting a better turn of phrase. It might involve reordering the information to make your ideas flow more logically.

After editing, your work will be clearer, more consistent and much more readable.

Why is editing important?

It’s important because quality is important.

A book that is not well-written will not sell as many copies as one that is, no matter how interesting the subject matter or how compelling the title and book cover is.

If you’ve written marketing or sales materials, I can help you to make them sound more persuasive and authoritative so that you have a better chance of landing the clients you’re targeting.

I can tell you which version of there, their or they’re to use. I can spot an errant apostrophe and missing comma from 100 paces. I can tell you if you switched tense or drifted between first and third person. When I make your writing better, you look better as an author or as a business and this is going to help you to reach your goals.


Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the process of giving your work the final once over to make sure that any pesky errors are removed.

You might think, you don’t need a proof-reader to double check your work. You know all the rules of grammar, right? You may do but it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. We all do when it comes to our own work and they’re really hard to spot.

This is true no matter how good your English language skills are.

Why? Because when we read our own work, we know what we want to say, and we tend to read it that way no matter what is actually written on the page.

The problem is that those people who are reading your work don’t know what you’re trying to say. Mistakes will confuse them and can even alienate them.

You need my eyeballs on your content. They’re fresh and they’re sharp.